Social Value and SROI Training

As we seek to understand, measure and report on social impact, this course has become essential to professionals in social enterprises, charities and social profit organization striving to maximize the impact of their work despite resource constraints.  

Social value and SROI training is increasing sought out by evaluators, program leaders and policy makers at all levels of government, when maximizing citizen wellbeing is a clear priority.   

Companies seeking to report on their sustainability, ESG, UN SDG and purpose strategies are relying upon this skill development opportunity to result in credible reporting of impact upon stakeholders.   

Organizations presenting themselves as a social and environmental impact supplier will present the value of their approach more emphatically and convincingly.  Decision-makers choosing social purchasing options will be more effective in their decision-making approach.   

The Accredited Social Value and SROI Practitioner Training was developed in 2009bySocial Value UKIt has been offered in Canada by Social Value Canada since 2011.   

Social Value and SROI Practitioner Training is the most popular course across the international SVI network, and it is now being offered online.   

This course is a key part of Accredited Practitioner Pathway (APP Level 2) for social value professionals in Canada and around the world.  For more information about Social Value International’s APP visit here or contact Social Value Canada.  We would love to discuss 

Social Value and SROI Practitioner Training is practical and hands-onThe online course offers group webinar sessionsassignments and includes 1-on-1 mentoring. Each session is recorded so that participants can revisit course content at their convenience.  Participants will also receive a certificate of completion.  

Why Attend?

  • Social value and social return on investment (SROI) training is for all professionals seeking to maximize the impact of their work and to more effectively speak to its value.  
  • The social value principles apply to all sectors and are increasingly sought by employers and professionals alike.  Organizations focused upon maximizing impact, achieving the SDGs, sustainability, ESG, purpose, and those required to create an impact policy environment – now is the time to acquire the skills associated with social value thinking.

What You will Receive

  • A Social Value International (SVI) certificate of attendance (issued by Social Value Canada) demonstrating achievement of key step towards Social Value Practitioner Accreditation 
  • Live training sessions, with a Level 3 Social Value Practitioner and Trainer 
  • 16 hours or dedicated training, with accompanying course materials 
  • Access to course recordings for revision and or catch-up 
  • Recommended reading list to advance social value knowledge 
  • Course assignmentto advance knowledge with individual feedback
  • Access to worked examples across all sectors 

Who is this Course Designed for?

The course will be invaluable to:
  • Impact practitioners looking to conduct SROIs or manage team members or consultants to do so
  • Organization leaders seeking to enhance the client and impact focus of their activities
  • Project leads, communicators, development officers seeking to incorporate social return on investment (SROI) analysis into the measurement and reporting processes of their organization
  • Evaluators, researchers and impact practitioners seeking to add SROI and social value analysis to their current measurement expertise
  • Social entrepreneurs interested in mapping out the impact of their enterprise, for performance improvement, measuring and reporting
  • ESG, sustainability, SDG and purpose leads accountable for credible reporting on impact
  • Directors or leaders interested in measuring and communicating the value of the impact generated by their organization
  • Organizations seeking to transform their culture and strategy around impact

If you have questions about whether this training is right for you, please contact our staff at Social Value Canada.

Benefits to Participants

  • Build your professional network with peers applying SROI and social value principles across a variety of circumstances 
  • Increased understanding of the background and philosophy underpinning use of social value principles in every sector 
  • Enhanced knowledge of tools to measure and value outcomes, and to effectively present that information to key audiences 
  • Increased confidence in the application of social value principles across your organization, to prove and improve impact 
  • A 12-month individual membership to the Social Value Canada network, for continued professional development in impact measurement and valuation

What Topics are Covered?

  • Why measure impact? Understanding the larger picture. 
  • Clarifying your scope/scale 
  • Identifying stakeholders 
  • Mapping outcomes 
  • Gathering data and measuring outcomes 
  • Valuing change 
  • Understanding the impact 
  • Calculating the SROI 
  • Sensitivity analysis, reporting and report assurance 

Who is my Trainer?

The training is conducted by Stephanie RobertsonFounder & CEO of SiMPACT Strategy Group, and Board Chair of Social Value Canada.  Level 3 Accredited Practitioner and Trainer, Stephanie is the most experienced SROI practitioner in in Canada and was the first accredited social value practitioner in North America.  Stephanie brings to her training hands on case study experience in fields as diverse as health care, crime prevention, environmental management, diversity & inclusion, education, physical fitness, sport. 

What is the Course Format?

The Social Value and SROI Training course follows the established modules for Social Value International standards, as outlined within the SROI Guide. There are five-half day sessions. These include:  

  • Module 1 – Purpose and scope of impact management  
  • Module 2 – Identifying stakeholders and outcomes        
  • Module 3 – Measuring the amount of changes  
  • Module 4 – Valuing changes to outcomes           
  • Module 5 – From outcomes to impact, how to avoid over-claiming            
  • Module 6 – Calculations, aggregation, reporting & embedding