Maximize. Manage. Measure.

Maximize, Manage, Measure Course - Social Impact ConsultingThe course is designed for practitioners and project managers seeking to maximize the social impact of their projects, programs and products.

While impact measurement is one important course module, this course is essential for professionals tasked with delivering on impact objectives.

Participants focus on information required to assess whether impact objectives are being met, and techniques to use data gathered from stakeholders to maximize impact.

Upcoming Dates

Toronto and Calgary dates to be announced!

Day 1 – What is Social Impact? What Impact Question do we Seek to Answer

Day one introduces practical tools and techniques. This practical, hands-on course is focused upon gathering social value evidence to inform decisions needed to Maximize. Manage. and Measure. social impact.

Participants focus on answering the question “have we made as much difference as we can with the resources available?” Topics explored include:

  • What data do we need? Where do we find it?
  • Goals & outcomes – setting targets
  • Data collection – asking the right questions

Day 2 – Methodology in Practice. Exploring Investor/Investee Challenges

Day two builds on the case study progress already achieved. The focus shifts to “using the data gathered, what options exist to increase program impact?” questions as well as those linked to “which approach is the better strategic option?” This includes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data
  • Analyzing results
  • Considering options – new products and services

Who Should Participate

  • Social impact managers, finance directors, senior manager, and purchasers of services
  • Evaluators interested in adding SROI to their skills toolbox
  • Program managers, policy planners, communicators, or in-house evaluators focused on program effectiveness
  • Representatives of all sectors, seeking to demonstrate the value of social elements in their program/organizational business model

Course Leadership

Stephanie Robertson - Social Impact Consultant

Fees & Registration

E-mail Mary Kazyas or call (437) 241-8773


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