Valuation Vote – Regor Behind the Audit

One of the strengths of the LBG Canada process is the rigor that underpins the annual audit of each community investment portfolio. Join us on November 24 or December 6th, to discuss.

As each company innovates in the community, each industry and corporate environment is different. The principles underpinning LBG Model set the framework for how to identify what can be reported as community investment by companies across Canada and the world.

As new approaches to achieve social impact are invented, the LBG Canada valuation vote evolves guidance on what is eligible for inclusion as community investment in corporate reporting. The 2022 vote is open Nov 25 – Dec 9. Each LBG Canada company has 1 vote.

Issues include valuing the loan of equipment, diverted landfill, and whether a partner’s business structure defines community investment. There are eight decisions to be made in this cycle, with 8 more for consideration in April 2023.

LBG Canada exists because community investment activities are essential to strengthen communities and Canada as a whole. The rigor behind the LBG Canada audit positions companies to report the true value of their investment as a flagship expression of their ESG, Sustainability, and citizenship commitments.

Information on the Valuation Process and issues for the 2022 vote are here.

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