Community Investment Matters – June 2017

LBG Canada – $2.97 Billion in Company Contribution to Community

As we approach the end of the 2017 audit cycle, Bryan Thiedemann (Manager, Data Analytics & Special Projects) and Andy Muth (candidate, SFU & data analytics) have been examining the LBG Canada data set for interesting trends and facts to contribute to the State of Community Investment Report (to be released Fall of 2017).

FACT: Companies involved in the LBG Canada program have contributed $2.97 Billion to community since 2006.

Wow! Congratulations to all contributing companies. That is a significant result. Stay tuned for more facts and interesting trends from within the LBG Canada data pool.

LBG Canada Partners with Imagine Canada

LBG Canada and Imagine Canada have announced a long-term partnership in support of the goals of the Imagine Canada Caring Company Program. This partnership is designed to strengthen corporate community investment activities across Canada and in countries where Canadian companies are operating and investing in community.

As many of you may know, corporate contributions are an integral part of Imagine Canada’s vision for a vibrant and strong non-profit sector. This year, Imagine Canada has relaunched the Caring Companies Program with several new characteristics that more completely illustrate the importance of achieving the 1% pre-tax profit benchmark. One important characteristic is that the 1% pre-tax profit calculation is based upon the LBG Model, as represented by LBG Canada and the results of 10 years+ of valuation voting. The end result is that “what counts” as community investment stems from a consistent 1% formula, regardless of industry, area of focus or company size.

As you are all very much aware, the purpose of LBG Canada is to inform and enhance corporate strategy, measurement and reporting of investment in community, including volunteering and giving programs. More and more companies are seeking to measure impact in order to more effectively demonstrate the business and community value achieved through investment in community. We are very pleased to be working closely with a growing number of LBG Canada companies seeking to integrate impact measurement into their strategy, implementation and reporting efforts. May that continue!

This Fall, Imagine Canada intends to launch a high profile campaign to bring attention to the importance of corporate investment in community. This includes profiling companies achieving or exceeding the 1% commitment, but also the many other companies that are investing in community despite industry and other challenges. We are really pleased that the LBG Canada network will be a part of that high profile campaign – more to follow on how that will unfold!

Canada 150 Celebrations!

Companies across LBG Canada are engaging in the Canada 150 celebrations. In light of the exciting ideas that are rapidly coming to life, a wide variety of celebratory programming will be profiled in the coming days and weeks.

For example, in honour of Canada 150, Imperial Oil will donate an estimated $6M in artwork to Canadian museums and galleries. The Imperial collection includes pieces by Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris. Various pieces of his work will be gifted to the National Gallery in Ottawa and the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.

Imperial has a strong history in Canada and so does its art collection. The company has been collecting art for more than 70 years with the goal to support Canadian artists, contribute to Canadian culture, enhance the work environment for employees, and provide public awareness of the visual arts.

In total, 43 pieces will be donated to 15 museums and galleries across Canada, in honour of Canada’s sesquicentennial.

For more information, visit

Tell A Better Story!

The LBG Canada website has a new look. Please take a moment to explore and give us your feedback.

We embraced this opportunity to focus attention on the priorities we keep hearing from the LBG Canada network. This includes impact measurement, increasing the effectiveness of reporting, and strategies to engaging employees and other stakeholders.

Core to the communications objectives for the website are: a) showcasing the work of LBG Canada companies, b) raising the profile of issues that are important to community investment, volunteering and giving professionals, and c) sharing information that can advance community investment practice in Canada and internationally.

Be sure to explore the “Spotlight” area which will become a rotating and rich showcase of innovation, community investment management topics, and important company stories. This month’s Spotlight is on LoyaltyOne, illustrating how the team responded to the clear direction set by the CEO – to redesign their community investment strategy to successfully and deeply engage employees. Interestingly, LoyaltyOne used the Impact Measurement Framework to frame their strategy, engage volunteers and partner in the community.

With a bold new design and improved ease of use on both desktop and mobile, we hope the new LBG Canada website will be your go to tool for all things community investment, employee volunteering/giving, and impact measurement! Let us know what you think, and if you have any story/profile ideas, don’t hesitate to contact the LBG Canada team.

The State of Community Investment in Canada – Report in Fall 2017

This Autumn, Imagine Canada intends to launch a high profile campaign to bring attention to the importance of corporate investment in community. This includes profiling companies achieving or exceeding the 1% commitment, but also the many other companies that are investing in community despite industry and other challenges. This partnership ensures that the LBG Canada network will be a core part of that high profile campaign. We look forward to bringing more information forward in the coming weeks and over the summer.

Meet the Interns!

Andrei Flueraru is one of the SROI interns working out of the Toronto office over the summer months. Andrei will be responsible for assisting with SROI analysis and program evaluation. He will be entering his fourth year at Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business, and is pursuing his Certificate for Social Impact.





Andrew Muth is a third year student studying at the University of Victoria. He was recently accepted into the Honours program for both Mathematics and Statistics. This summer he will be interning in the Data Analytics & Special Projects Department at SiMPACT.





Irune Echevarria is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto, and holds a BA in International Relations with a Graduate Diploma in Social Development. At SiMPACT, as the Social Impact Evaluation Intern, Irune will be responsible for the data collection, analysis and update of the next stage of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation of the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund for the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, former Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure (MEDEI).

Upcoming Dates

To access the LBG Canada participants calendar, please click here.







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