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Employee engagement is a recurring theme in many blog and newspaper articles. Engaged employees typically feel that they are respected, integral member of their teams, and important to the success of the organization as a whole. Not surprisingly, these employees are more likely to remain committed to their organizations. A study summarized by Adam Weinger showed that companies with engaged employees reportedly outperform companies with unengaged employees by 202%.

Business2Community recently published an infographic illustrating the 10 Essential Pillars of Employee EngagementSiMPACT would argue that an important pillar is missing from this list: employee pride for the company they work for. This begs the question: how can employers influence employee pride?

One strategy employers can use to influence employee pride is an employee volunteering program.Volunteer Canada has found that, “companies that support the volunteering efforts of their employees experience lower staff turnover rates”. By encouraging employees to volunteer their time to causes within their communities, companies are promoting a positive and unique corporate culture that lends itself to building lasting relationships within and outside the workplace. 86% of LBG Canada companies offer employee volunteering programs (during-working hours),

A second strategy to influence employee motivation and pride is employee giving programs. Through corporate giving programs, employees have the opportunity to donate to causes that are meaningful to them and align with company values. At SiMPACT, we understand the larger impact of a matched program includes: increased employee commitment to the company, increased impact on the community, and increased sense of pride in oneself and in the employer.

LBG Canada companies understand the importance of employee engagement, as 86% of LBG Canada companies offer employee volunteering programs (during-working hours), and 89% of LBG Canada companies offer employee giving programs (matched giving). As organizations begin to understand the importance of employee engagement, strategies to enhance engagement begin to develop. What are some ways that your company engages its employees?

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