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SiMPACT’s work falls into three areas: broader community investment consulting, facilitating LBG Canada, and a diversified portfolio of consulting and training in SROI.

News from SROI and Evaluation Team

The SROI and evaluation team at SiMPACT has much on the go! Current projects range from individual analysis of Right to Play, Special Olympics, and Boys and Girls Club programming, to revamping the evaluation tools that inform the delivery of an educational program seeking to build skill in appreciative inquiry.

On a large scale, SiMPACT is completing the final methodology review for the 88 projects funding by the Safe Communities Innovation Fund, including a theme based analysis of how projects aiming to address topics specific to domestic violence, youth at risk and Aboriginal youth in urban centres, among others, created value for the people of Alberta.

LBG Canada is very focused on the upcoming Annual Meeting. As of September 11, there are 80 corporate participants, some of which have community partners joining them. Immediately following the meeting we will be entering the 2015 audit and benchmarking cycle. Below is a look into what our LBG Canada team members have been doing.

Stephanie has been very involved in SROI training, at the Regional of Peel, Carleton University and Pact in Washington DC.

Jasper has been learning a lot about Autism Spectrum Disorder, social enterprises and neurodiversity, working on the Meticulon forecast SROI analysis.  He has also been leading a forecast SROI analysis of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Integrated Strategy on Healthy Living and Chronic Disease.

Nora is currently conducting an SROI analysis for the Downtown Outreach Addiction Partnership (DOAP) Team of Alpha House Society to determine the social value crated for the participants in the program, as well as the police, EMS, justice system and healthcare system.

Racquel is currently interviewing Community Mentors who facilitate the Right to Play for Diabetes Prevention program in nine Aboriginal communities.

News from Our LBG Canada Team

Jason has been on-boarding LBG Canada member Best Buy-Future Shop as the company joins our network of professionals. He has been working with the company to determine how to assist in achieving its community investment priorities for 2015 and providing guidance on the collection of community investment portfolio information for performance measurement and reporting.

Shilpa has been on-boarding DUCA and Sherritt. She has also been working on a community investment consulting project for Meridian Credit Union. This is an important step for Meridian Credit Union as they work towards strengthening their work in community investment.

Katy has been busy working with a large Canadian-based mining company to formalize their community investment strategy in a community investment consulting project. By having conversations with internal business units we are able to identify how existing strategies overlap with community investment objectives and draft a formal policy to ensure effective implementation of the strategy.

Stephanie is looking forward to the 2014 LBG Canada meeting!  She has been working with speakers, with the team on the development of the SiMPACT presentations and encouraging participation from across and outside of the LBG Canada group.

Kathryn is the newest member of our LBG Canada team. She has been busy getting to know LBG Canada companies from British Columbia and finalizing analysis of outcomes, indicators and financial proxies of all 88 projected invested in by the Safe Communities Innovation Fund.

News from SiMPACT’s Other Team Members

Cheryl has been busy booking SROI Accreditation training venues, supporting our LBG Canada speakers in travel bookings, and keeping the SROI and LBG Canada teams on track.

Megan has been busy managing communications for SiMPACT, SROI Canada and LBG Canada, which allows the organization to remain on the forefront of community investment, reporting, and SROI.

Kate has been focusing on this year’s LBG Canada data and preparing it for the 2014 Annual Meeting. She’s helping to identify trends and key insights to frame the conversation, and get LBG Canada members discussing their achievements and areas for growth for the upcoming audit season.

SiMPACT Update for November 2014.

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