Leverage External Resources


External resources leveraged are contributions to a community project that can be directly linked to a company’s involvement in the project (e.g. matched funds from the government, input from a corporate partner, or customer donations) that do not result in a cost to the host company. The leveraging of external resources provides companies with the opportunity to increase the overall value to the community. The ability to effectively leverage external resources reflects how effective a company is at convening its stakeholders around brand and community investment priorities.

LBG Canada companies understand the importance of leveraging external resources. In 2012, 89% of LBG companies were actively leveraging external resources. Over the last year, LBG Canada companies leveraged an average of $0.15 from key stakeholders for every dollar invested by the company.

The attached infographic illustrates LBG Canada company community investment trends specific to the leveraging external resources. For previous analysis on employee engagement and giving, please see previous infographics from this series or contact us at 403.444.5683.



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