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Employee engagement matters. The findings of a study involving over 1500 employees was recently summarized in an article written by Adam Weinger. The study showed that “companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.” A key driver in an engaged employee  is the pride employees have for companies where they work. Contributing to employee pride are the contributions a company makes to society–an opportunity many corporations are missing out on. Further, employee engagement can be enhanced if organizations focus on targeted community investment initiatives and opportunities for employee involvement, such as employee giving programs.


employee engagement trends

The findings of this study align with those of LBG Canada, a network of companies seeking to maximize the impact of community investment and together are setting the highest standard in community investment management, performance measurement and reporting in Canada. LBG Canada companies know how important employee engagement is as all LBG Canada companies offer formal programs (employee volunteering and/or employee giving). Many are seeing huge success as a result–over half of LBG Canada companies offering employee giving have participation rates of over 20%. The attached infographic illustrates some of the important performance statistics and trends within employee engagement that LBG Canada companies are achieving.



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