About SIMPACT Strategy Group


SiMPACT Strategy Group Inc. (SiMPACT) is a recognized Canadian and international leader in the areas of community investment, the social return on investment (SROI) methodology and across the broader social value agenda.  Since 2004, our work has involved all levels of government, social profit sector leaders of a wide range of specialities, and the for-profit sector across a wide variety of industries.    

 SiMPACT’s community investment (CI) division includes custom consulting projects as well as facilitation of the flagship LBG Canada initiative (www.lbg-canada.a).  SiMPACT’s CI expertise includes strategy, governance, impact measurement and reporting leadership.  In all our work, we offer a data-driven, visual approach to accelerate and communicate the social and business impact value of corporate activities.  

 Our social value division includes SROI consulting projects, customized training on social value maximization, measurement and reporting for social-profit, public sector and for-profit clients.  In addition, SiMPACT’s social value expertise is sought out by companies advancing ESG, sustainability and purpose objectives.  In all of our work, we seek to build capacity in social value management, measurement and reporting.  We are experienced in assessment of complex, multi-user, multi-year projects that focus on capacity-building and long-term systems development.  

At present, SiMPACT is exploring the launch of a Canadian Social Value Bank – a online tool offering consistent values for achievement of outcomes associated with life satisfaction and societal well-being.  This is an exciting initiative with cross-sector implications.  

Social value thinking, and the methods to illustrate social value, are still quite new. Given that, SiMPACT is the secretariat of Social Value Canada (SVC), the professional body for social value in Canada.  SVC’s vision and mandate is to develop social value skills, knowledge and common standards of practice among professionals and organizations in every sector, across Canada.