Stephanie is the CEO and Founder of SiMPACT Strategy Group, and has more than 15 years experience in social impact planning, implementation and evaluation.

Stephanie is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the realm of social impact and in the areas of SROI, community investment, volunteering and giving strategy, and programming.

Stephanie Robertson

In 2012, Stephanie became the first accredited SROI practitioner in North America. She then co-founded SROI Canada, a non-profit methodology hub for practitioners. SROI Canada was a network partner of The SROI Network and is now one of six national founding members of Social Value International, and an international board representative. Stephanie delivers introductory and SROI practitioner accreditation training on behalf of SROI Canada.


LBG Canada was founded in 2005, the Canadian link to the LBG Model, the internationally recognized standard for community investment management and impact measurement. Today, LBG Canada involves more than 30 companies known for their leadership role in enabling community impact.

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